Jazz is a more free form style of dance. Jazz incorporates technique with energetic turns, leaps and jumps. Dancers enrolled in jazz will develop flexibility and strength through warm ups using body isolations.

A classical style of dance that was developed as a reaction to the restrictions of ballet. Unlike ballet, modern dance does not focus on turnout and extension. Dancers enrolled in modern will enhance their movement quality, range of dynamics, style, and spacial awareness through improvisation and exposure to different styles of elements.  Admission to modern requires enrollment in ballet or combo class.


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Acrobatics builds strength, flexibility, balance and coordination through the use of dance, conditioning, and floor tumbling combined. Bridges, backbends, cartwheels, headstands, handstands, walkovers and partnering tricks are among skills learned in this class. Admission to acrobatics requires enrollment in either a ballet class.

Class Descriptions



Hip Hop 1 is for the younger dancer.  Hip Hop Dance refers to  street dance styles primarily performed to Hip Hop music.  It is an energetic dance style  evolving from the Hip Hop Culture. No previous dance experience needed. 

Students do not need to be enrolled in another dance class to take Hip Hop.


Tap is music with your feet. Students learn to articulate and create intricate rhythm and sounds using the balls of the feet. Tap class will help develop musicality and timing for the dancer. Tap dancing also incorporates arm movement for coordination.

Pre Ballet is a very basic ballet class for children. It focus's on the basic arm and feet positions, skipping, leaping, and many other fundamental skills that are needed.  Ages 3 & 4.

Combination classes

New this fall Acting Aesthetics for kids..Ages 7-13, taught by Shayna Crews, theatre director at Liberty High School .  Students do not need to take a dance class to enroll in Acting.


Dance class that incorporates elementary levels of progressions for ballet and tap combinations along with the use of arm and body movements. Students will learn rhythm, coordination, and concentration using their tap shoes, as well as elegance and grace that comes with ballet. As the combo age gets higher so does the difficulty of the class. Ages 5 & Up.

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A classical style of dance promoting discipline, technique, and tradition.   Ballet is the basis for all other forms of dance. Ballet is highly recommended for students wishing to pursue other forms of dance as well as gymnastics and ice skating.